Home safety - Is your house a target for burglars?

by DannyUK

Legal and General have released an article which discusses how your lifestyle may affect the safety of your home.

Did you know, for instance, that a burglary happens every forty seconds in the UK? Or that the average burglar spends 8-12 minutes in the home, grabbing what they can rather than wasting time rifling through drawers looking for stuff?


It’s given me pause for thought as I identified with quite a lot in the article.

I have two teenagers, both of whom have smart phones, for example. Although both of them follow some safety protocols in their day to day lives, they would never think to put their expensive gadgets out of sight when they left the house - something that I, too, am guilty of.

The section about leaving a front or back door unlocked also rang true. I am a stickler for locking up. Whether it’s home, work, or even in the car, I always lock up religiously in fear of being an easy target for burglars.

Yet just last week I went out with the kids, only to return home a few hours later to note that we had left the balcony doors wide open the entire time. Granted, living in a flat two stories up means we are much less likely to suffer a break in, but even so it would have been easy enough for someone to shimmy up a ladder and gain entry.

Considering that the thief would have spent no more than 12 minutes ransacking the place, even if a neighbour had reported it to the police, it’s unlikely they would have got there in time to catch anyone. More worryingly, because entry wouldn’t have been forced, given that the doors were open, I would probably not have been covered by my insurance. Scary to think of!

One piece of advice that I always try to pass on to people is to ensure that you’re not actively advertising what you have that someone could possibly steal.

I’m always surprised how many people, when they purchase something expensive like a new tv, or even birthday and Christmas presents for family members, simply put their discarded packaging on full view for the bin men.

Any potential burglar would only need a glance walking past on recycling day to see exactly what has been bought recently by the homeowners.

Let’s be honest, if there is a home that has just discarded an XBox One box and the surrounding neighbours have nothing more exciting in their recycling than empty packets of cornflakes, which house is likely to be the one that is targetted by a thief?

You can read the full article about the survey on Legal and General’s website.


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