YNAB - 2 months in

by DannyUK

I think it’s time to admit it.  I can’t budget properly.

I still think YNAB is a great tool, but I’m pretty much two months in and I’m still looking at my bank account before spending rather than checking my budget.  Worse than that, I still have the tendency to spend without looking at either.

This past week was thrown into disarray by Charisma asking to go to Summer in the City at the last minute. It’s an event highlighting YouTubers and it was being held at the ExCeL centre in London (yes, that’s how it’s spelt, annoying capital letters and all).

I knew it was something that she really wanted to go to, but between the cost of tickets for us both and what I spent getting there, parking and spending money, it was well over £100 that I hadn’t budgeted for.

Once again I can’t help but feel using YNAB will be easier down the line.  Either when I have more money coming in or when I have reached a stage where I have budgeted money in previous months for use at another time.

Work has been really quiet for the past few weeks, and though that will have a longer-term knock-on effect in so far as it will mean no commission or bonus coming in, the short-term result is that I can adjust my budget for the amount of fuel and postage that I pay out for, which started at over £500 this month.


Once again, though, I’ve found that having YNAB has caused me to cut back on my spending.  Not necessarily because I am checking my budget and adjusting my spending accordingly, but because I am a lot more consciously aware that I am trying to budget, and as a result I am making decisions not to spend money in certain scenarios.  I even forwent getting another coffee in Costa the other day. How things change.

I’m noticing subtle changes, though. I’ve bought bars of soap rather than the normal liquid soap we have at home, as the bars last much longer and are therefore more cost-effective.  I jumped at the chance to go to CostCo with Mrs DannyUK and am now the proud owner of more loo roll than the local corner shop.

Dan and Charisma

Charisma and I on our way to London yesterday. This face pretty much sums up my love/hate approach to budgeting.

These little changes are all good and well, but I need to rein in my bigger expenses.

I’m spending lots on the kids still.  Even though we have continued our fortnightly budgeting, which is still working extremely well, I have to learn to say no to certain things.

Just yesterday we went to London to meet up with Mrs DannyUK and the step-family, and although the day was disappointing (and yes, rainy British weather, I’m holding you very much to account for that), I still spent £15 on lunch and a further £20 on milkshakes, plus £30 on train tickets.

I’ve also been spending on Amazon with little thought.  Just a book here for mum, or an iPod cover for one of the kids.  Again, it all adds up.

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