Slug and Lettuce Chelmsford

by DannyUK

The Slug and Lettuce has always struck me as a horrible name for a pub.

But then I’ve never been a fan of slugs. Or lettuces, come to that, as anyone who has seen my waistline will attest.

Slug and Lettuce Chelmsford - formerly Yates Chelmsford

It’s looking good from the outside.

Chelmsford’s City centre is set to welcome the gross-named pub this coming weekend after the transformation from Yates, which had been in the city for years, is completed.


Stonegate, who also own the nearby Missoula, have chosen to rebrand which is probably no bad decision. In recent years, Yates has seemed empty even on the busiest nights in the city, and even though it’s essentially the same offering, a nice fresh new look should see things pick up.

Slug and Lettuce Chelmsford coming soon

The website reveals little…

With a late license at the weekend until 1 am, the venue still lags behind certain other bars in terms of opening hours (and in all honesty, it would take a lot for me to profess my favourite pub being anything other than the Golden Fleece, which is open later), but the clientele that Yates used to attract was the younger mob who all disappear into the likes of Evoke and CTZN nearby around midnight anyway.

I’m sure I’ll be popping along at some stage to see what it’s like, though I suspect it may be full of the new breed of Essex people, all dazzling white teeth, funny orange tans with blokes that have Iced Gem haircuts. If so, I’ll also be scampering off to the Fleece for safety.

Slug and Lettuce Chelmsford food discount

The discount on food. Available at this link!

In the meantime, you can pop along to the slug and lettuce website to sign up for 25% off of a meal there, and there’s also a chance to win in their £500 diamond giveaway.

Slug and Lettuce Chelmsford diamond giveaway

… but you could win a diamond!

If you’re planning on going, let me know, I might see you there.


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