Week 3 with YNAB and the Chelmsford Beer Festival

by DannyUK

This is the third week I’ve been using YNAB.

Although it’s slowly getting more familiar, it’s still a struggle.

The whole point of using budgeting software is that you start paying attention to what you have available to spend in your budget rather than relying on what is showing on your bank balance.

This is a huge shift in focus for me, and it’s taking far longer for me to train my brain into the new way of thinking than I had hoped. “Old dog, new tricks” springs to mind.


Last week we had the Chelmsford Beer and Cider Festival, which my friend from school, Alan, came along too, along with Loz and her son. It was “Family Day”, so I had my four kids in tow too.

I’d drawn some money from the ATM to spend at the festival and then ended up drawing more money out while we were there. I then had to try and input this into YNAB and I wasn’t sure how best to input it.

In the end, I ended up putting it down as an ATM withdrawal and then not logging any change that I had left over, as I felt that was the easiest way. It also felt strangely like cheating, as I hadn’t actually logged to the penny what was spent.

YNAB progress

I once read that £1 in every £9 spent in the UK was spent at Tesco. I seem to be living proof of this.

The Festival itself was disappointing. Though this was the first time I’d been to the Summer Festival and not experienced any rain whatsoever, which was a welcome relief, I’d heard so many good things about the family day which always takes place on a Saturday that I had dragged the kids along in the belief that they’d have fun.

Unfortunately, the entertainment was sparse. A few old-fashioned rides - the sort that you’d find at an old carnival - along with a coconut shy and face painting meant that the kids were bored fairly quickly, and I’m not surprised. We lasted a couple of hours before heading home.

Back to this week and my budgeting has been thrown out by not receiving money from work when I was expected to, which caused stress and strife in terms of paying bills, but also knocked me sideways when I tried to use YNAB. Perhaps YNAB only works when you have enough money to pay for everything?

I’ve decided to sign up for the free “Getting started with YNAB” online class again. I’ve already sat it once and watched the video once, but I believe that an active reminder won’t go amiss, and so I look forward to being reinvigorated and inspired by it again.

I was hoping I’d be fully up-to-date with using the software, but week 3 with YNAB has shown that I still need to learn more.

Read my report on my first week using YNAB and my second week with the software.

chelmsford beer and cider festival 2015


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