The weekend, poorly girlfriend and YNAB

by DannyUK

Another weekend gone, and once again it seems to have flown by.

I drove up to Liverpool on Friday to spend a couple of days with Mrs DannyUK who has had a minor operation and was recovering. It meant that we did pretty much nothing all weekend, but as I explained to her, that suits me fine. I have more fun sitting with her and doing nothing but watching fail videos on YouTube or reading Reddit together in bed than I would many other activities.

It’s the being together, rather than being busy that appeals to me.


We spoke at length about various topics, as we always do, and we have both decided to get our finances sorted. It’s an oft raised conversation and at the start of the year we looked into YNAB which is a budgeting piece of software (and it stands for You Need A Budget).

Over the weekend we both seemed to reach the conclusion that we need to give it a good go, and as such I’m tapping this blog entry out as my laptop downloads the software in the background.

It’s expensive for what it is - £29.99 - but hopefully it will help me tighten the reigns of my spending and I’ll save that money fairly quickly.

One of the main aims of the software is to get you to a place where you are living a month in advance. In other words, instead of using your income from your latest pay packet to pay your bills, you have enough of a buffer that you are essentially using income from your previous pay packet to pay your bills which leaves you a month ahead.

It’s all very well earning money (*cough* *splutter* pleaseclickanadvertbelow *cough*) but that money is too easy to fritter away.

I know that my commitment to these things is flaky at best, and even shelling out so much money for the software I am just as likely to shrug it off and not use it. I’m hoping that both the girlfriend and I can motivate each other to continue to use YNAB for as long as possible.

Here’s hoping.


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