A weekend of ups and downs

by DannyUK

Another weekend has gone by, and another weekend with the kids had some ups and downs.

The ups included my 8-year-old going to see Minions for a friend’s birthday party, followed by Pizza Express, as well as the 12-year-old being allowed to venture to Stratford Westfield (NOT Stratfield, for those that use that term!) for the first time with a friend and her mum.


There was also a few games of Table Tennis thanks to Ping! popping up in Chelmsford city centre.

Ping Chelmsford Meadows

Table Tennis by the river in Chelmsford, thanks to Ping!

The downsides were the arguments and frustrations that come from a family of five being cooped up together with hormones raging.

I managed to lose my rag after going to the cutlery drawer on Saturday night to find not one piece of cutlery left. I cringe as I recall getting angry at something so trivial.

In my defence, having no cutlery was a remarkable achievement given that I hadn’t used any, so somehow the four kids had managed to work their way through ten or so of each knife, fork, dessert spoon and teaspoon.

The fireworks were properly set off when I discovered that - once again - no washing up had been done resulted in my loss of temper and a flurry of swear words. Having no cutlery and no plates or bowls because nobody can be bothered washing up what they use is frustrating to say the least.

It’s also led to the purchase of this:

Multi-coloured plates

The solution to the “whose plate is in the sink?” problem…?

A set of bowls and plates which have four different colours - one for each of the kids. This way I can work out who has used their bowl (for they will each be assigned a colour) and therefore who hasn’t washed up.

I’ve yet to work out what to do about the cutlery though.

The kids got excited on Friday over an email that came in from a production company who were sounding us out about whether we wanted to take part in a tv program.

It’s a long, long way from coming to anything just yet, but that didn’t stop my 14-year-old from speaking her mind quite matter-of-factly (albeit tongue-in-cheek) via Messenger to me about it:

Messenger chat

As cheeky and sarcastic as her dad!

We had a five-way argument on Sunday morning too, but it passed by like a Summer shower, and once it had finished everyone seemed calmer and better for it. In fact, we even managed to film a quick vlog on the way to see Loz.

In the vlog, for the first time ever, all four of the kids revealed their name to those watching or reading (you may have noticed in the past that they are rarely, if ever, referred to by name).

Next weekend we’re together with some set plans including a party to host as well as an old friend of mine visiting. Hopefully there’ll be more positives than negatives!


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