How do I get stains out of the carpet?

by DannyUK

The problem with having pets is that they get old. Not that age is a bad thing, of course, but with age comes certain problems.

Leaving aside the fact that dogs die young compared to their owners, and when they pass away they take a little piece of your heart with them (sob!), they also get ill.

My elderly mum had this problem with one of her pets. A nasty bug had caused one of her dogs to lose control of, well, everything. The result was a badly stained bedroom carpet.

Rug Doctor - Sick stains before

The two greenish patches were caused by bile.

Animals can’t help getting ill, but no-one can deny it’s a horrible job having to be cleaning your rugs after them. It’s even worse when you’ve tried to get the stains out, and whatever you have used fails to do the job properly.

The first I knew about the stains was when I received a phone call from my mum.  “How do I get stains out of the carpet?” she asked.  I promised I’d swing by and have a look.

In the example used above, the stains had been in the carpet for a week before I’d known about them.

Now, I know that my mum is no slouch, and that she would have done the best she could to get the carpet as clean as possible. However, facts are facts, there was no getting away from these stains.

The bile stains in the picture above hadn’t moved an inch, no matter what cleaner had been used.  The diarrhoea stains (fortunately NOT pictured) had faded where they’d been scrubbed, but were still very visible.


Thankfully I’d had the foresight to bring the Rug Doctor along. I’ve seen the results before and been impressed, but my mum remained sceptical.

The regular readers will remember that I waxed lyrical about the wonders of the Rug Doctor last year.  You can read that post here.

I ended up doing the whole of her bedroom carpet. It meant refilling the Rug Doctor halfway through, but that wasn’t a problem. It also meant that I was able to go over the particularly bad stains more than once, which certainly helped.

I was surprised at how stubborn they were. I initially thought that a single going over would bring the carpet back to life, and although the non-stained areas were looking great, on the bile stains above I ended up going over them four times before being happy that the stain was gone.

Rug Doctor - Sick stains after

You can see that the stains have completely gone.

Once again, I was left impressed by the quality of the machine.  I was quick to laud it last year, and once again I’m happy to say that it’s as good as I remember it being.

If you don’t own a Rug Doctor, it’s easy enough to rent one for 24 hours or 48 hours from all big supermarkets.  It’s well worth doing even if it’s only to give your carpets a decent clean every now and then.  Rental prices start at £22.99.

You can find where to rent a Rug Doctor here.  There will be a rental place probably no more than a ten minute drive from where you live.


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