My BritMumsLive 2015 weekend!

by DannyUK

This past weekend saw the return of Britmums Live and considering I wasn’t able to get there in the past I made sure to book my tickets early this year.

I got to London early on Friday afternoon, ready for the weekend, and what a weekend it was.

In true Britmums Live tradition, I slept with someone that I’m not married to and had fun meeting up with old friends. Drink flowed freely, I learnt lots about different things and generally had a great time.


The unfortunate thing is that I didn’t actually make it to the Britmums Live event.

Despite having bought tickets months in advance, and genuinely looking forward to some of the events, when Mrs DannyUK arrived at Euston station, I decided that I would much rather spend my time with her, doing not much at all, than schmoozing at a blogging event.

So whilst bloggers from across the UK met up and had what sounded like a great time, the girlfriend and I met up with our friend Tasha and had dinner near Bank.

On Saturday we had a stroll along the Embankment, catching the Thames Clipper to Greenwich where we did very little before heading back.

We managed to stumble across (and subsequently through) the anti-austerity march, completely inadvertently.

London Anti-austerity march 2015

Soaked through and in the middle of the march.

Dinner was eaten near Waterloo and we finished the evening drinking cocktails in the city.

I was looking forward to Britmums Live, and I’m upset that I didn’t get to see a couple of the presentations that I fancied watching. But I couldn’t have picked a better choice.

Meandering through the UK’s greatest city with the love of my life is something I don’t get to do often enough. I wouldn’t change my weekend for anything.


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