Vax Air Cordless Lift review

Whilst Dyson may be on the tip of the tongue for most people when asked to name a vacuum cleaner, my response is always Vax. When I got given the chance to review the Vax Air Cordless Lift, I jumped at it.

I don’t really understand the hype behind Dyson. They build decent machines, but aside from being the first to really push bagless technology, they don’t tend to stand out much from the crowd when it comes to performance.

I’ll admit that in the past I have had several different vacuum cleaners. From my old Henry, with his eyes and long tubular nose which would see him snort up dirt like an anteater on an ant farm, through to the aforementioned Dyson. I’ve always come back to Vax though.

To me it seems that the vacuum cleaner market is pretty well aligned. For the advances made by one company, they are often repeated and then bettered by another. Let’s be honest, there’s only so much that you want a vacuum cleaner to do (and companies that make fridges with wi-fi access, I’m looking at you.)

vax air cordless lift review

It’s easy to manoeuvre.

Although the Henrys, Hoovers and Dysons have all done well in clearing up after dogs, cats, kids and more, they have all eventually gotten to the point where they just aren’t as powerful as they once were.

The Vax, on the other hand, has always stayed as powerful.


My old mum had a Vax years ago, which always performed well until she was sucked into the Dyson hype and replaced it. When I moved house, I made the mistake of buying a Hoover as – quite simply – it was the most affordable at the time. Although it was fine for a while, it soon got to the stage where it struggled performing and was soon replaced with (yes, you guessed it) a Vax.

The Vax was second-hand, but still picked up far more than the Hoover did.

The most recent advancement in this area has been wireless vacuuming, and I’ve been lucky enough to test the Vax Air Cordless Lift, which is a powerful cordless vacuum.

vax air cordless lift review

How the Vax Air Cordless Lift works.

So, first things first, it’s light. Weighing under 5kg, the lift-out cylinder weighs just 3.26kg. Never underestimate how valuable the weight of a vacuum cleaner is when you have to run it up and down stairs.

It comes with two batteries (which Vax state are “extended runtime LithiumLife™ batteries”) said to provide an average of 60 minutes of runtime. I’ve not tested how long mine lasts for, as my vacuuming takes far less time than this.

There’s a handy battery level indicator that allows you to keep an eye on the battery level. That said, I have a tendency to always have one battery on charge, so there is always one ready to use. A full charge takes around three hours.

It comes with a lift out cylinder, designed for above floor cleaning and stair cleaning, as well as a handheld attachment which is perfect for cleaning furniture and areas at height. Being 6’ 2”, I’ve never had a problem with reaching the cobwebs above the curtains (though being lazy, Halloween is my favourite time of year as I don’t have to clean the cobwebs up because they are spooky!).

The machine is so light that it’s easy enough to hold in one hand and suck up the higher-placed dirt in your home without necessarily utilising the long hose attachment.

The “CARPET/HARD FLOOR” button allows you to adjust the brush bar making it easy to clean both types of surface. Essentially, one click of the button stops the main brush from spinning and allows a greater suction on hard surfaces.

It meant that when I tried it, I could go from the carpeted living room to the lino in the kitchen swiftly.

It also meant that because the brush was no longer spinning, it sucked up any dirt (or in my case, any Cheerios that the kids had seen fit to drop on the floor) instead of them being flicked across the room from the momentum of the brush.

Vax Air Cordless Lift

I think this photo is meant to signify how easy it is to transition from carpet to hard floors. I just think it’s a snazzy photo.

My favourite feature is the portability of the machine. Being cordless, you are restricted only by how much battery power is left in the battery, and as I’ve said, that’s going to be an hour at full charge. This makes is all the easier for me to clean out the car, without having to wait for a period of weather that isn’t raining and thus risking electrocution when I pull the extension lead outside.

I also love the light that is on the front of the machine. It’s a powerful torch which illuminates the area immediately in front of you, allowing you to see in even the darkest of corners. It’s especially handy when vacuuming under sofas or tight corners.

Living in a flat also means that I am grateful for the relative lightness of the machine as I lug it up and down stairs to the car.

What’s more, it comes with a 6 year UK Vax guarantee for complete piece of mind. For comparison, Dyson comes with either a 5 year or 2 year guarantee.

Hoover are less forthcoming, stating Hoover guarantee “a minimum of 12 months”, but a quick search reveals that they do a 5 year guarantee too.

Priced at £349.99, it’s a steep price to pay for a vacuum cleaner, but given that it has excellent performance, and a guarantee that covers it for six years, it’s worth every penny.

I didn’t realise just how restrictive a corded vacuum cleaner was until I had the freedom offered by this. It’s light, easy to use, simple to empty and practically a joy compared to my old vacuum cleaner, which was pretty damned good anyway.

Buy the Vax Air Cordless Lift at Amazon - Currently available for £245 - A saving of £105 (affiliate link)

I even did an unboxing video for the Vax Air Cordless Lift, which you can see on YouTube here. You’ll have to excuse the kids getting involved, especially with the camerawork towards the end.


by DannyUK

I was given a Vax Air Cordless Lift in exchange for an honest review. A full disclosure policy is available on the website.

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