Amazon Prime failed delivery

by DannyUK

I write this more in despair than in hope. Amazon Prime is a service offered by Amazon which allows free next day shipping on thousands of items.

It costs more as a monthly or annual subscription, but the convenience of having next day delivery is a strong one. That means that an Amazon Prime failed delivery is more annoying that a standard Amazon failed delivery!


Last week I ordered some swimming goggles. They were for my youngest daughter and we wanted them for her swimming class on Friday evening.

I jumped online and ordered a set of goggles that were eligible for Prime delivery, and got the usual confirmation email that they would be delivered the next day.

I warned my daughter that although I normally received deliveries during the day, they can sometimes be delivered as late as 9pm, which meant that she may have to go without for the swimming lesson that week. Not to worry though, as she had a school swimming lesson on Monday, and we were toying with the idea of going to the seaside at the weekend, so she would get use out of them then.

As I sat at home the following day, I received an email from Amazon.

Amazon lost order failed delivery email

The email telling me that they tried to deliver.

Hold on a second. They tried to deliver? When I was at home? That’s odd.

Not only did they NOT deliver, they also failed to ring the bell. Or to leave a “missed deliver” note. Or to leave the parcel in the safe place specified on my Amazon preferences.

That was Friday. What’s followed since then is an ongoing song and dance between Amazon and I where they basically lie to me, and I basically nod my head, say ok and then contact them again when the delivery fails to turn up again.

Amazon lost order emails

The list of email exchanges in the past few days.

To their credit, Amazon have been as helpful as possible.  I thought that having a moan at their Twitter team may speed things along, and though the conversation started out positively with them asking me to “let them know” if the item was delivered, when I went back the next day they basically palmed me off.

amazon prime failed delivery Twitter


The day after that I contacted them again on Twitter, only to be given the “Contact Amazon” link which I had used every day to talk to them.

amazon prime failed delivery Twitter 1

Their online chat team constantly tells me that the items will be delivered the next day.  I always get an apology, and I always get told that it is the fault of the delivery company.

They’ve extended my Amazon Prime membership as way of an apology, and then subsequently refunded some of the money I’d spent.

The latest as I write this is that they have cancelled the original order and reordered the item as they believe that this will kick it through the system and get it delivered.

Whether this happens and the item turns up tomorrow is open to debate.

Time will tell.

Amazon lost order

The lost order…


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