Roller skating party at Madison Heights

by DannyUK

My youngest daughter recently celebrated her 11th birthday with a roller skating party at Madison Heights. She asked if she could do a write up for the blog.  I, being either a wonderful and supportive father, or a dad that wasn’t listening properly, readily agreed. Her review is below.


Hello, youngest daughter here. The day I am writing this it is the day my party happened; I wanted to write a blog post for daddy so I asked to write on my party and he said yes.

Sk8ters logo

Apparently this is the logo for the roller skating rink at Madison Heights. “Apparently” because I don’t think I’ve ever seen it there.

So today it was my party, it was roller skating at Madison Heights in Maldon. So at 1:00 we left to drive to Maldon (it was 2pm-4pm but we had to be there early and we knew we were going to get stuck in traffic) we arrived there at twenty to two with meant we had 20 minutes to wait for my friends to start to come.

At 1:45 we got our roller skates and two of my friends came in we got our roller skates and did a lap then 2 more of my friends came.

One of my friends wasn’t there for like 20 minutes we started to worry so I told my dad to call her mum and she was unfortunately ill.

Roller skating party at Madison Heights

Trying to achieve zen before everyone arrived.

Then we did a lap and my friend started crying we asked why and she said she didn’t want to go on (it was because she forgot how to skate also I think she was a bit jealous because we are all really good skaters) so my dad texted her mum and she just watched us skate.

As time passed by my friends mum came to pick her up.

Then it was 1:30 and it was time to eat I had chicken dippers.

We had all finished so it was time to take in the cake everyone sung happy birthday and my sister took pictures of my Polaroid eventually the party was over and I got so many presents.

The brilliant red velvet cake made by Loz over at

The brilliant red velvet cake made by Loz over at

That was darling daughter’s version of events, which was pretty accurate.

Overall the party went smoothly.  There was very little in the way of interaction from the staff other than when they spoke to me to ask for the final payment, and then towards the end when they kindly set the cake up for singing happy birthday and blowing out the candles.

They also cut the cake into the correct number of sections, and were enormously helpful when doing so, especially given that we hadn’t worked out who (if anyone) we’d save cake for that hadn’t attended the party. Unfortunately this meant that practically everyone who didn’t come missed out on another superb cake from Loz.

The party itself ended up was priced at £13.95 per child and came with a meal for each of them. Although the food wasn’t spectacular, it was adequate for a dozen or so people who were hungry.

Most importantly, youngest daughter seemed to enjoy it, and the vast majority of her friends did too.

Sk8ters is part of Madison Heights in Maldon, which also houses the likes of Monkey Puzzle soft play. You can read my review of that here.


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