Costa’s biggest fan 

Saying that I have a Costa Coffee addiction is possibly overselling it, though claiming to be Costa’s biggest fan may not be.  I prefer to say that I have an affinity with the UK’s most popular coffee shop company.

Thanks to an inner geekiness, and a keen embracing of FourSquare which allows you to log in to places and keep track of where you have been, I am able to say with certainty that I have visited more Costa Coffee shops than most.

I started using FourSquare about six or so years ago.  Since then it shows that I have visited at least 220 different Costa Coffee stores.  I can add to that the stores that I know for a fact I have been to but don’t appear on the list.

Costa's biggest fan! A Costa Coffee Addiction - places visited on Excel

My (geeky) Excel sheet showing the Costas visited.

Stopping off at Costa

My job is primarily field based, and it covers a large section of the East of England.  Stopping off at a Costa is an ideal opportunity for me to complete paperwork and generally catch up on emails.

Covering such a large area of the country means that my Costa-list is growing weekly.  What started out as a joke among friends (who had estimated that I’d visited somewhere between 40 and 70 stores a year or so ago) has now grown into a caffeine-fuelled game which sees me sometimes driving out of my way to visit a new Costa store to tick off of the list.

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I’ve often written to Costa (whose Twitter team are excellent, by the way) to try and entice them into working with this blog in some capacity, to no avail.

Costa Coffee Addiction - places visited on FourSquare

Foursquare. Yet another way to geek myself happy,

I’ve just visited my 225th Costa Coffee store, and I’ve no doubt that I’ll soon break through the 250 barrier.  I know that there are something like 1,900 Costa Coffee stores in the UK, meaning I’m only a fraction of the way through them.

Some people collect stamps.  Some collect stickers.  I collect Costa points.  And I love it.

From Costa’s biggest fan!

by DannyUK

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