West Ham sack Allardyce

by DannyUK

For a club that is so quick to extol their friendly image, West Ham have sacked manager Sam Allardyce within an hour or so of the season finishing.

In an action which echoes slightly of the bitter taste left more than a decade ago when Jermain Defoe handed his transfer request in within a similar time period of the Hammers being relegated, fans and neutrals alike will no doubt be shocked by the swiftness in which Gold and Sullivan have struck.


West Ham sack Allardyce - 3 minutes after losing

Just three minutes passed between the club announcing the result of the game and then revealing that Allardyce had gone.

That’s not to say the move is a surprise. In what must be one of the worst kept secrets in football, the word that Allardyce would manage his last West Ham match today has been known to many for weeks, if not months. 

Depending on who you listen to, some sources are even confident that they know how replacement, with the early runner, David Moyes, now no longer on the tips of their tongues.

More recent speculation will tell you that either the return of former player Slaven Bilic as manager is a done deal, or that former Liverpool boss, Benitez, is the one set to take over the Upton Park hotseat should he not get the Real Madrid job that he is hoping for.

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Personally, there’s a part of me that is saddened by the timing of this announcement. Allardyce, despite his faults (one of which was his overconfidence that West Ham fans would be happy with a win-at-all-costs mentality rather than the win-trying-to-play-good-football approach they’d so often failed to achieve), he did what was asked. 

Gaining promotion at the first attempt and then keeping the team in the Premier League - an accomplishment done so easily this season that the team practically gave up trying a few months ago. 

That said, with a salary reputed to be in the top ten of managers worldwide, it’s easy to understand why the club didn’t want to hang around in getting rid of the guy.

Hopefully, we will see a swift introduction of a new manager with time to bed in long before the main transfer dealings start happening. 

If history is anything to go by though, you can rest assured that West Ham will be rejected by everyone on their shortlist and end up with their fifth choice.

Roll on the new season. 

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