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Being a Nintendo blogger has some great perks - Not least getting to play some great Nintendo games. It can also bring some unexpected surprises too.


Last week I got home from work to find that I had a “Sorry we missed you” card from a local courier company.

I wracked my brains to try to think if I had ordered anything, but came up blank. I hadn’t even been out recently which has, on occasions, resulted in a drunken eBay or Amazon purchase turning up and surprising me a few days later. (We’ve all done that at least once, right?!)

I headed to the parcel depot and collected my parcels. Four in total, all of which had been carefully stacked in the corner of the warehouse, ready for collection. Hold on, not carefully stacked. What’s the phrase I’m looking for? Carelessly tossed? Thrown haphazardly? Possibly kicked into their current hiding place? You get the idea.

Nevertheless, I picked up the parcels which fortunately didn’t look to have sustained many signs of damage, and loaded them in the car. I opened each bag to reveal inside a yellow bag, each labelled with one of the names of my kids.

#NintendoEaster - The bags

An unexpected delivery in the form of four bags.

I put the bags to one side, ready for the kids to look at later. Although my eldest was out at a party that night (I swear that she has a better social life than I do), the other three would be able to open theirs straight away. Thanks to the fact that each bag was individually labelled, it meant there would be no fighting over who chose first too.

I collected the kids later that afternoon and revealed in the car that there was a parcel waiting for each of them at home. They were understandably excited and spent the short journey trying to guess what they could have been sent, and by whom.

Naturally, within seconds of getting indoors, the packages were picked up and opened. What was inside?

#NintendoEaster - Happy Easter Brooke

Brooke’s egg.


Nintendo had sent each of them a personalised easter egg and a small note wishing them a happy Easter each.

Each of them was over the moon with the unexpected present, even when I turned into mean daddy and told them they weren’t allowed to eat the eggs before Sunday.

A couple of hours later, I went to pick up my eldest from her party. Shortly before leaving, youngest daughter pointed out that her bag had a pool of hardened chocolate that had leaked into the corner.

When I collected her, I told her that she had received a parcel, and also revealed that we thought it may have suffered in transit. She was fairly unperturbed by it, and when we got home and the parcel was opened, she merely commented that having a broken egg would make it easier for her to eat.

I guess that free chocolate tends to make up for any disappointment in presentation.

#NintendoEaster - Two of the happy Nintendo Kids

Eldest and youngest daughters pose with their eggs.

So thank you, Nintendo, for the Easter eggs. You brought a very happy #NintendoEaster to the DannyUK household!

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