Chelmsford timeline now on show in High Chelmer

by DannyUK

There’s a fantastic display in High Chelmer at the moment.


It charts the history of Chelmsford over the past thousand or so years and has been printed and fixed into place.

Brought to High Chelmer by Yvonne, who did the fantastic City Centred exhibition at Chelmsford Museum a few month back, it’s great to see that at least part of the exhibition has been given a new lease of life.

Chelmsford Timeline - Taken from

A small section of the High Chelmer Chelmsford timeline.

Sarah Rawlings, who is the Marketing Manager (Retail Marketing) for Jones Lang LaSalle who run the High Chelmer centre said: “it is a great feature for within the centre and we look to move this around as we work on different areas.”

In response to my comment that it was a shame that the timeline had an unnatural split in the middle of it, she told me “The timeline is split as the unit in the middle needs to be accessed. The timeline will be displayed in the centre across the year but may move depending on where it is best suited.”

When I went to visit the other day, it was garnering attention from everyone walking by, and it’s easy to understand why.


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