Wedding photography in Chelmsford

by DannyUK

My good friends, Chris and Nic, got married last week. Not only are they bloody nice people, they also throw a pretty good bash, as Sunday’s hangover will attest.

So why do I mention it here? Well, because they’ve just published their wedding photos online and the pictures are absolutely superb.


It’s not often that a photographer catches my eye. I’ve tweeted in the past about Tracy Morter and her work, as she’s local and has a fantastic eye for capturing good shots.  Dale sits neatly in the same bracket for me.

What makes a good shot? For me, it’s an angle or the focus of the camera. It could be a contrast between the foreground and background. Normally it’s a photo that I see and immediately think to myself “there is no way that I’d ever have thought to (much less been able to) get that shot”.

Dale’s website which you can see here - is also a good read. He has a friendly writing style which gives off an image of more than someone that will turn up, point a camera and leave. You can read Dale’s entry about Chris and Nic’s wedding on his site too.

Chelmsford Wedding Photograper - Taken from

The happy couple!

Just to give a flavour of the photos, I’ve picked out three shots and reproduced them with permission of Dale (and the happy couple, of course!)

Wedding photography in Chelmsford - Holding hands. Taken from an article by

I like this. Simple, but effective.

Wedding photography in Chelmsford - Photographing a photograph. Taken from an article by

I was drunk when this was taken and didn’t realise that there was a camera over my shoulder. Mrs DannyUK and I checking a photo that had been taken of us.

I know that Niccy and Chris were over the moon with their photos. The ones shown above are my personal favourites, but Niccy and Chris both have their own favourite pictures that differ from the above which shows the diversity offered.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Chelmsford, be sure to look Dale up. His website is


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