I may have misheard her…

by DannyUK

My work takes me around the Southern part of the UK, so it’s not uncommon to find me sitting in a different Costa Coffee shop each day. Yesterday I was over the other side of the Dartford crossing, starting off not far from Dover and taking in the delights of the Medway towns too.


When I had a spare hour or so, I popped into the local Costa and grabbed a coffee. I didn’t have my Costa Clubcard on me, but knew that I could take the receipt to any Costa shop and get the points added at a later date.

This morning I’m in Norwich, and with time to kill before my first appointment thanks to an eagerness to never be late coupled with an alarming lack of traffic on the road, I’ve pulled into a Tesco on the outskirts of the city which I know has a Costa store inside.

I approached the counter and was greeted by a friendly barista, with a twang of a foreign accent which I couldn’t place. She took my order and happily keyed it into the till.

I looked around and saw that there was nobody in the queue behind me and decided to ask her to add yesterdays points to my card. I try to keep this activity to times when there isn’t a throng of people behind me, as although it doesn’t take forever, it can be a little time-consuming and I always feel incredibly guilty if I am holding up a queue.

How quintessentially British of me.

“Could you add these points on for me, please?” I asked.

Her smile suddenly froze in place, and she did that short-reply thing without moving her lips that people do when they suddenly need to fake a smile. “Of course!”

She scanned the receipt for the number of points due and then unfolded it to see which store it had come from.

Suddenly her eyes opened a little wider, and I’m sure the smile went from forced to real.

Looking me in the eye she said simply “Ahhh! Kent!”

At least, given her accent, that’s what I *think* she said…


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