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If you’ve ever raised money for charity, then no doubt you’ll have heard about JustGiving or VirginMoneyGiving.  Have you ever thought of looking at one of the JustGiving alternatives though? Something like Givey allows you to donate money free whereas other sites charge.

Both of the above are easy ways to donate money to those who are fundraising.  But did you know that not everything you donate will be given to the chosen charity?


I used the two examples above as they are probably the two most well-known donation sites in the UK.  I’ve certainly donated using both websites in the past and know many friends who have used the same websites to raise funds for their chosen charities.

It didn’t occur to me until recently that charities would not receive the full amount for any donation.

I’ve long been annoyed by the fact that charitythons on tv tend to not get the full amount of the cost of a text.  Although Red Nose Day this year promises that every penny of text donations will go to Comic Relief, it’s not been uncommon in the past to see a sentence such as “A minimum of £x from each text will go to the chosen charity”. This means that somewhere down the line, a charity is losing money to a service provider.

With that in mind, I thought I’d look at some of the main fundraising sites to see if there are any JustGiving alternatives.

If you donate £10 via a site, you get the option to choose whether or not to allow GiftAid on the donation.  This is an additional 25% which the government will put in, which would make your £10 donation worth £12.50.  You also have the option of how to pay.  For ease of comparison, I’ve assumed that a debit card is used.

JustGiving was my first visit.  Possibly the best-known site in the UK for this kind of thing, JustGiving takes a whopping 5% of all donations.  In addition to this, they levy a 13p card charge.  That means that for your £12.50 donation, 76p is taken by JustGiving, leaving only £11.74 for the charity.  They also charge a monthly fee to charities to be on the site. The source for JustGiving fees.

VirginMoneyGiving was next.  Charging only 2%, they also add an additional charge of 1.5% for using a debit or credit card.  They leave the Gift Aid donation untouched, though, meaning that your £12.50 donation sees 35p go to VirginMoneyGiving and £12.15 going to the charity of your choice.  VirginMoneyGiving also charges a one-off £120 to charities to appear on the site. The source for VirginMoneyGiving fees.

EveryClick - A quick Google search threw up some other names and picking one at random I chose to look at EveryClick.  They take 4.8% of every donation but only 4% of the GiftAid donation.  This means your £12.50 donation here would see 58p not going to your charity, leaving them with £11.92.  EveryClick, to their credit, do not charge charities a setup fee. The source for EveryClick fees.

Givey - The only charity donation website that I could find that didn’t charge anything at all for using their services. With no card fees and no transaction costs, it means that every penny of your £12.50 donation goes to your chosen charity.  The source for Givey fees.

Givey - One of the ideal JustGiving alternatives

Givey - One of the ideal JustGiving alternatives

The Givey website has details showing how they can afford to run a donation website that charges nothing.  Essentially, another part of the business funds it, or as the website itself details:

We are able to make Givey completely free for users and charities by charging businesses and corporates to use our instant matching engine for employees

The upshot is that the charity you have chosen to raise money for could be losing out on valuable donations just because of the website you’ve chosen to fundraise or donate through.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you use a well-known named site that it’s the best. You’re working hard to raise money for charity, try to find one of the JustGiving alternatives that won’t take some of the hard-earned cash that you raise.

You have nothing to lose by giving Givey a go, and your charity has everything to gain.

by DannyUK


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