A12 speed cameras

by DannyUK

Any driver that has the current misfortune to drive from Chelmsford to the M25 will know about the new A12 speed cameras.

With work going on between the M25 and the Shenfield turnoff, it’s understandable that the speed of passing cars needs to be reduced down that stretch.


It’s infuriating when the average speed (which is set at 40mph for large sections) is so low when there isn’t always a great deal of work going on.

I’m an avid user of Waze (and don’t forget that I raved about Waze recently for telling me where to find cheap petrol locally), which is a free Sat Nav you can get on the iTunes App store or for Android.  It lets me know about traffic jams, better routes and speed cameras.

It also serves as an at-a-glance reflection of just how bad the number of speed cameras on that section of road is at present:

A12 speed cameras between the M25 and Chelmsford - Taken from an article by DannyUK.com

Count them! There’s loads of Speed Cameras on the A12 stretch between the M25 and Chelmsford

Hopefully the roadworks will be finished sooner rather than later and our journeys can get back to normal.


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