Fifty Shades Of Grey rape scenes

by DannyUK

There’s a lot being written about Fifty Shades, the movie, which is being released this week and will be the first in a trilogy. There’s no doubt it’s going to do very well at the box office, and no matter how many times you’ll hear that it’s a poorly written piece of fiction, it will go on to make author E. L. James much richer than she already is.

There’s been a backlash over the movie, though. It promotes rate, apparently. I haven’t read the book myself, but there seems to be a great deal of upset on social media (and quite how anyone ever revealed their anger in the days pre-Facebook escapes me now).


The film - and, I assume, the book - have a scene where the leading lady, whose name I neither know nor care, says no to sex from Mr Grey. He chooses to ignore her, forces her to have sex and subsequently causes an uproar in the world.

Let’s just make one thing clear before continuing:




No ifs, buts or maybes on that one.

However, to suggest that a scene from a fictional story promotes rape is verging on the ridiculous.

Books and films are an escapism. A way to transport yourself to another place, another time and another situation. A way for you to get engrossed in something that has no immediate impact on your day to day life.

Fifty Shades does no more to promote rape than the Wizard of Oz does to promote talking to scarecrows, than Harry Potter does to encourage witchcraft or the Simpsons does to persuade the general public that we should all be yellow and only have four digits on each hand.


Boycott the film if you so desire. But do it because you don’t want to see it, not because of some moral outrage over an issue which is set squarely in the world of make believe.

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