A new job - Hurray!

by Danny UK

I haven’t said much about the new job on here yet. Obviously it’s the reason that blogging has been slower than normal, and why the likes of Family Friday have taken a back seat. After having worked in offices and stores for more years than I care to remember, with only the occasional sojourn into Field Sales, the idea of spending all day driving between appointments and being permanently car-based appealed immensely.


Not that I haven’t tried my hand at Field Sales before. Three years ago I had a short stint with a three month contract working as a Field Sales for a company that supplies security guards. The prolonged nature of decision making in the industry used to drive me insane, and it could quite often take several months from presenting a solution to a company to them agreeing and signing up.

Either way, the job role suited me, but the industry didn’t. Just as well, as within weeks of joining the company was taken over and the decision was made not to renew any contracts when the time came - including mine.

** Dear Me: A letter to my 16 year old self… **

It was a little over a decade ago that my other experience of Field Sales came along. Working for a local sign company, I spent more time in an office than out on the road, which always wrankled given that the job description was one that indicated more time spent outside than in.

I lasted a year in that job, despite not enjoying a good relationship with one of the co-owners. Approximately halfway through my time there, the co-owner I mentioned became the sole owner, and a few months later I took redundancy having failed to find a replacement job in the meantime.

In between these jobs I had roles that were based internally. Being in an office always struck me as a safer bet for myself. I figured that I tended to work better in that environment and so stuck to it.

After two and a bit years working with the Co-op Bank though, I was bored of office work. The disgraceful way that the bank expects it’s staff to work good of unpaid overtime every week made me angry at first and then bitter. More so after being lied to about pay rises.

As a man who wears his heart on his sleeve (ie, an adult prone to throwing a strop or two!) being in an office environment meant that my frustrations were voiced loudly and often.

The time soon came when I reasoned that the stress of the company wasn’t worth the meagre wage. I started looking for something that would keep me busy and also keep me on the road.


Three and a bit months into the new job and I have to say I’m loving it so far.

The novelty of driving hundreds of miles every week has worn off already, though as someone happy with their own company, I can’t say that I mind spending so much time on my own.

I get to speak to different customers every day, and though the pension world is hardly an exciting one, it can be interesting delving into the history of what people have saved up and why.  Each pension discussion is invariably accompanied by a natter and a backstory or two, and when this takes place over a cup of tea then it’s safe to say it feels like the best job in the world - Cups of tea and the license to be nosey!

The nature of the work means that there are days when I am on the road from 7am to 10pm, but equally there are days when I am squirrelled away in Costa waiting for my diary to fill up.

I also genuinely feel like I am doing some good in the world.  There are no traps, no hidden extras and no nasty surprises.  If the company can improve your pension, it tells you how. If it can’t, it won’t, and therefore it won’t charge.  It’s a sad reflection of the finance industry that many people are skeptical of this, though with the amount of scams going around, it’s easy to understand why.

Hopefully the job will continue to go well and I will continue to enjoy it.

At the moment I have the rare trinity of having a decent working life, a fantastic home life (in which I include my wonderful girlfriend, of course) plus the added unexpected extra of supporting a football team that is riding high for once (well done West Ham!).

The busy days have led to a slowdown on the blog, and a reminder to myself that as much as I enjoy dipping in and out of it, the blog really only exists for vanity purposes rather than any other reason.  Thankfully, that suits me fine.

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