Shocking behaviour of Premier League footballers

by DannyUK

Premier League footballers are often - correctly - branded prima donnas. Earning more money in a week than the average person does in a year, and living out the fantasy of young kids up and down the country.


Even when they are pictured doing something good, the immediate instinct is to look around for the PR company that has organised the well-photographed visit to the children’s hospital, or whatever it is that appears such a rare act of unselfishness it counts for nationwide news.

It’s a sad state of affairs that we have become accustomed to the shocking behaviour of Premier League footballers

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Liverpool FC signed a young footballer in the Summer of 2014, and if I were to tell you I had witnessed first hand the shocking way that their new employee behaved with a couple of young fans, you’d be forgiven for jumping to conclusions.

Mario Balotelli is no stranger to controversy, and the Italian forward has had his fair share of column inches in the tabloids thanks to his various escapades.

It’s not Balotelli, but rather his team mate Emre Can who I’m writing about today.

Sat in a small restaurant on the Wirral over the weekend, my girlfriend and I were enjoying a fantastic Mediterranean meal when the waiter mentioned that a Liverpool player had booked a table for later than night.  Although neither of us were sure who Emre Can was, a quick Google search brought up his details and the fact that he had transferred to the club for just under £10m in the Summer.

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Initially concerned with how the presence of a big-name Premier League star and his inevitable entourage would affect the close atmosphere in the small and personal restaurant, any concerns were eased when he arrived with little fanfare and took a seat with two others.

The Mediterranean Kitchen, Bebington, where I witnessed the shocking behaviour of Premier League footballers - Taken from an article by

The Mediterranean Kitchen, Bebington - Restaurant to the stars!

Although the restaurant was full (and I know that as I had to sweet talk my way to a reservation earlier in the day!), it only seated a couple of dozen at most, yet the vast majority of customers chose to ignore the superstar in their midst.

That was apart from two young Liverpool fans. The boys, both of whom I would guess were still in primary school, approached Can who up until now had sat unassumingly, and asked for an autograph.

It’s easy to judge a book by the cover, and I hate to say that I was expecting one of his friends to step in and object to the intrusion.  I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to be harassed - even as politely as the two boys did so - when you are trying to enjoy time with friends.  Can, to his credit, happily signed autographs and chatted with the boys before they went back to their parents and he continued with his meal.

Shocking behaviour of Premier League footballers - Emre Can of Liverpool FC - Taken from an article by

Emre Can of Liverpool FC (taken from

Emre Can, you have stored my faith in footballers. I can only apologise for making assumptions about how you’d react, and I can only hope that your behaviour is the norm rather than the exception.

My girlfriend, however, has asked that your female friend removes her bobble hat when eating out next time.  If that’s the worst thing we can say about your group, then kudos to you again!


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