A Bernard Matthews Christmas dinner

by DannyUK

A few weeks ago I took my four kids to a Bernard Matthews event in London.  Not only was it an opportunity to eat lots of fantastic food, but it was also a chance to speak to Bernard Matthews representatives about a few things.


It was while we were there (and you can see a photo from the event here) that my middle daughter, who is aged 12,  had a conversation with one of the public relations girls.

She mentioned that she wanted to be able to cook a full roast dinner herself but that she was concerned it may be too hard. She also commented that she really got the opportunity to. The public relations person replied by saying that the Bernard Matthews turkey crown would be ideal for that kind of thing.  A Bernard Matthew Christmas dinner would be a great idea.

I thought that it was an almost predictable answer, as you’d expect, but such was her confidence that she offered to send out some vouchers so that my daughter could give it a go.

Fast forward a few weeks later and my 12-year-old started cooking dinner for the rest of the family.

A Bernard Matthews Christmas dinner - Turkey Breast Roast packaging. Taken from an article by DannyUK.com

The starting point…

The Bernard Matthews turkey crown only cost £2.52 each. We cooked two of them and these easily filled the plates of a full family of 6 people without any problem.

The nicest thing for me, apart from the excellent value for money was the simplicity involved. Although I have no qualms about letting my 12-year-old loose on a fresh chicken or turkey for dinner, this is far easier and less likely to be undercooked in places and therefore is less likely to lead to upset stomachs.

The easy to follow instructions meant that my daughter was able to do the whole deal pretty much from start to finish. with very little supervision at all. Not only is it a simple Christmas dinner for kids, it’s a Christmas dinner that they can help cook!

Bernard Matthews Christmas dinner- Aaliyah preparing the meat. Taken from an article by DannyUK.com

Aaliyah prepares the turkey breast roast for cooking.

As my daughter put it herself: “It was really easy to cook. You literally just put it on the tray, season it and then put it in the oven. It was really nice and really fun too!”

Little does she know that she has now been nominated to be the main chef in the house. If everything was as easy as this turkey crown, she’d have no problem at all!

Bernard Matthews Christmas dinner- Carving. Taken from an article by DannyUK.com

Carving the cooked turkey.

The Bernard Matthews turkey crown is available in Co-operative Food stores throughout the country.

Bernard Matthews Christmas dinner - The final meal. Taken from an article by DannyUK.com

The final meal!

More details can be found on the Bernard Matthews website at www.bernardmatthews.com



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