Helen’s new friend - A short story

by DannyUK

The Morning

She knew that she was being daft. After all, how many others would be buying clothes for a new friend that they had only made the day before? Well, it doesn’t matter, decided Helen.

That’s what a friend does for another friend.

Helen hadn’t gone out with the intention of buying anything. In fact, the meagre amount of money that she received each week often saw her going no further than window-shopping, but this cold spell of weather, complete with a bitter wind and several inches of snow convinced her that a matching hat and scarf combination would make the ideal present. She smiled as the wind bit even closer. She rarely spent this much money on herself, let alone a friend! Yes, these would be perfect.


The Evening

Helen knew when she was wrong, though she was not always so quick to admit it to others. The present, she decided, was a bad idea. Sure, the scarf and hat had looked great, just as she had expected. The snow had eased off, but the Winter chill still clung in tight, so the gift was practical too, but there had been no words of thanks. In fact, despite thinking that a present would be enough to make anyone smile, the attitude on receiving the clothes had been frosty, the emotions unchanged. Not even a flicker of a smile on the face. Helen had left her friend shortly after, no words at all having been exchanged between the pair of them.

The Next Day

Having experienced the distinct selfishness the day before, it came as no surprise to Helen to find that her new friend had vanished. The fact that the hat and scarf remained in a pile in the exact spot that the two of them had been the night before was no shocker either. A shiver ran up her spine. An arm wrapped itself around her shoulder.

“Come on Helen, dear, you’ll catch your death out here!”

Helen looked up at her mum forlornly.

“It’ll be ok hun,” said her mum gathering the discarded clothing, “we’ll make another snowman next time it snows, I promise!”


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