90:10 - An exciting new clothing brand for men

by DannyUK

I sit here typing this wearing an inexpensive suit and expensive shoes.


My underwear is designer and my socks are from Primark. I only tell you this to give you an overview of my fashion sense.

You see, as much as I enjoy wearing branded clothing, it’s not a necessity for me. I’d rather look good-ish and be comfortable than look fantastic and be fidgeting all day.

Everything I wear is worn because of how well it fits, not just because of how it looks.

Granted, I am not going to actively tell everyone that I meet that the suit I’m wearing today was cut price from Matalan. It fits nicely, and it looks far better than the price it sold for.

So when Daniel Glatman from 90:10 first contacted me about his new fashion company, I responded with intrigue as well as an open mind.

Having spent the past year honing his brand, Daniel has recently launched his website, 9010man.com, to the masses. But where did the idea come from?

Believe it or not, it was a hazy Summer night in 2013 over a couple of beers with a next door neighbour. The conversation strayed on the subject of having to accept that two friends were now grown ups.  This prompted Dan to announce that he would only accept that he was 90% Grown Up and 10% Not!

He even declared that if it didn’t look so stupid he would tattoo it to his forehead as a “statement of self-expression.” Paul thought that a little drastic so suggested printing it on a t-shirt instead.

In a moment of creative inspiration, Dan then suggested that the “90% Grown up 10% Not” statement should be symbolised as 90:10.

From there, the idea took hold and Dan worked tirelessly to develop his clothing brand. As Dan himself puts on his website:

“I had a very clear vision for 90:10 from the outset… Stylishly designed, great quality clothing that is well made in an environmentally responsible way and delivered to the customer at the right price through fun and innovative branding”

So how well as he succeeded in his mission?

You can see from the website that all of the clothing range looks good. That’s always a great start. Unlike many fashion sites, there isn’t a single item of clothing that I would turn my nose up on there. If you get the chance, speak to either my girlfriend or my best friend, both of whom have had the pleasure of clothes shopping with me, and both who would no doubt reveal that I dislike a LOT of stuff that I see in the shops.

Perusing the site was enough for me to ask Dan for more information.

I’m glad I did.

Dan is approachable, polite, friendly and well-informed. The passion he has for his business is evident, and given the hard work he has put in so far, he deserves to succeed.

I asked what he felt would be a good recommendation and he suggested the signature embroidered pullover hoodie. Taking my size and promising to get it in the post as soon as possible, he was true to his word with the garment arriving just a couple of days later.


The first thing you notice is the quality of the fabric. It’s soft and velvety, and feels lovely to touch.

I ordered an XL size which is my usual size. The hoodie is described as “medium fit”, and it certainly shows when I wear it. Not that it doesn’t fit - it does, and it fits nicely - but being a voluptuous bloke, I’m not used to wearing anything remotely slim fit. With this in mind, my next order will be XXL, which I’ll enjoy while eating ice cream and Mars Bars!

The hoodie looks superb, though. The 90:10 logo is small and subtle, so I don’t feel like a walking advert whenever I wear it. It washes up well, and retains the shape and feel nicely (this is correct after a couple of washes now).

It has a drawstring neckline and pockets for your hands and is 100% organic cotton. Available in five different colours, and complete with free delivery this would be a welcome addition to any wardrobe.

90 10 90:10 Signature embroidered pullover hoodie

The official, nicely-shot picture of the hoodie.

The biggest problem I have with it is that my nearly 14-year-old daughter has started to wear it as a casual top, which means that I will inevitably lose it to her wardrobe full time in the near future. Not that this is a bad thing for 90:10 - My eldest daughter generally loves a label, and can quite often be found wearing the likes of Hollister and SuperDry, so my hoody is in good company.

The 90:10 range isn’t just restricted to hoodies. The website has T-shirts, sweatshirts and polos, all of which appear on the website and look to be high quality.

Dan’s endearing approach to his company shines through on the site in his descriptions. The Classic T-Shirt, for example, is simply given the description: “Whichever way I try and talk this up…it’s still basically a really nice T-shirt!” whereas the signature hoodie page tells us “This could well be a contender for the most comfortable hoodie on earth!… My wife has to keep dreaming up new and cunning tactics to get this one washed as I’m often reluctant to hand it over!”

Overall I’m impressed with almost everything here. As I’ve said, Dan comes across as a genuinely nice guy who has worked hard to start a business that he obviously cares about.

His products are obviously well-sourced given how nice they are to wear, and the website has a very nice feel to it - Professional looking, but with a touch of human interaction thrown in. There are some nice personal touches to it, including the descriptions mentioned above and the fact that all pricing is to the nearest pound rather than ending 99p!


90:10 clothing Hoodies range - Taken from an article by DannyUK.com

The full 90:10 Hoodies range.

The company offers free delivery, and though they quote up to seven days for delivery, each page bears a note saying “(Being a new company we are small, nimble and recognise that customers don’t want to wait. Whilst formally we have to quote a delivery time, the rule this end is that if we are privileged enough to receive your business and we’ve got the item in stock then you can have it straight away!)”

And that’s precisely how I feel about the company - That they seem to feel privileged to have my customer. A trait that many bigger companies could do with taking on!

You can see Dan’s full range of products at the official 90:10 website at http://www.9010man.com/.
You can also follow the company on Twitter at https://twitter.com/9010man and at Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/9010man.

The website takes all major credit cards, as well as Paypal.

The signature hoodie I received is priced at £42 and is available here.


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