My Sunday Photo - Eldest celebrating at Lush

by DannyUK

When I was in my teens, I steadfastly avoided cameras like they were the plague. Not my daughter, though.

With a phone full of photos, she is more addicted to selfies than Kip is on his Instagram page (I sometimes hold a genuine belief that he merely has the camera facing the wrong way!).

With that said, she is not only happy to pose for photos but as regular readers may have noticed, she is often keen to be the subject of this weekly post.

She turned 14 recently and had a party at Lush, surrounded by friends and family, and at the end they all posed for the obligatory photo - Something as alien to me as the terminology that was banded about at the party (what is a “bae”, anyone?).

MySundayPhoto - Eldest celebrating her birthday

My eldest celebrating her birthday. I’m sure you can guess which one she is!

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