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by DannyUK

The lovely people from Cherry Tree Farm contacted me recently about their new range of meats. Ever the type to be swayed by free food, I hastily agreed to receive some samples.


The samples arrived fairly quickly and I was impressed by the range. Turkey and chicken based, there are seven different types of meat available, all thinly sliced and all usable in a variety of dishes.

They also asked me if I fancied a challenge. “Can you make a meal in seven minutes?” they asked fairly rhetorically. I assume that this is to show just how versatile the meat is, and just how quickly it can be used in a meal.

I politely declined the challenge.

Although I have the kids at the weekends, during the week I’m generally out and about, and as my diary can be busy it leaves little time to actually plan meals. I did, however, say that I’d give an honest review of the food.

That said, I did manage to make a few decent meals.

Cherry Tree Farm Tikka Chicken Chunk wrap

A wrap made with Cherry Tree Farm Tikka Chicken Chunks.


Here’s where things started to go awry.

Coming towards the end of the month, with a fridge emptier than the wallet of a dad-of-four at Christmas time (trust me, that’s extremely empty), and payday still a few days away, I found myself looking for something to tide me over one evening.

I’d already eaten an evening meal, but had found myself unexpectedly home early.

So what did I do? I reached for the turkey slices. I told myself that I wanted to try a couple, just to get an idea of what to put down in the blog post.

Naturally, ten minutes later and the packet was gone. Whoops.

Macaroni cheese made with Cherry Tree Farm Wafer Thin Turkey Ham

Macaroni cheese made with Cherry Tree Farm Wafer Thin Turkey Ham. The picture doesn’t do it justice - It tasted FAR better than it looks!

The same happened again a day or two later with the American-style chicken. So, although I cannot vouch for the easiness in including the meat in a meal, I can certainly verify that the meat is tasty and moreish.

The remaining meats were included mainly in sandwiches and rolls. Seeing as it’s all pre-cooked, it’s ideal for me and saves me time and effort in putting together a dish.

Cherry Tree Farm - Ham

The scrummy ham that was provided by Cherry Tree Farm.

Better than that though is the clear pricing policy adopted by Cherry Tree Farm, with each pack costing either £1 or £2 so you know just how much it will set you back when you go looking for it.


Cherry Tree Farm Header

The new product range includes:

• Hickory Smoked Turkey (rsp: £2): smoky and sweet with authentic hickory flavour
• Roast Chicken Breast (rsp: £2): 100% British chicken breast – a real family favourite
• Roast Chicken Chunks (rsp: £1): 100% British chicken in bite sized chunks
• Roast Turkey Breast (rsp: £2): high in protein, low in fat and super tasty
• Tikka Chicken Chunks (rsp: £1): the nation’s favourite curry flavour in bite sized chicken chunks
• Wafer Thin American Fried Chicken (rsp: £1): the taste of America!
• Wafer Thin Turkey Ham (120g rsp: £1, 250g rsp: £2): the turkey version of ham - perfect for sandwiches and wraps

The Cherry Tree Farm range is available nationwide at Co-op stores.

For more information on Cherry Tree Farm visit

The Cherry Tree Farm range - each as tasty as the last!

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