Guess what new store is opening in Chelmsford?

by DannyUK

The recent closure of the furniture shop in Riverside Retail Park has left a glaringly open gap in the area. So what new shop is going in place of the now empty site? A shop that will include Matalan, Home Bargains and McDonalds as neighbours?


Unbelievably Chelmsford is set to get yet another Costa Coffee store!

It probably goes without saying that as a self-confessed Costa fan this pleases me immeasurably, yet it’s odd when you consider the amount of sites that Costa has in the city already.

In the City Centre alone there are five:

  • The main Costa store in the Meadows shopping centre.
  • The Waterstones in-store Costa.
  • The WHSmith in-store Costa.
  • Chelmsford train station.
  • The Costa in the Odeon cinema.

Add to this the other Costa Coffee stores in CM1 and CM2:

  • The instore Costa at Tesco Homeplus on Parkway.
  • Chelmer Village Retail Park
  • Another instore Costa at Tesco on Princes Street by the Miami Roundabout.
Costa Coffee locations in Chelmsford

Costa Coffee locations in Chelmsford

That’s five in the centre of Chelmsford alone, and eight within a mile or so of the High Street. With the new john Lewis redevelopment planned for the city centre, I’d guess that we could well see another one appear there.

Not that the decision isn’t a justifiable one. I recently had to drive from the Riverside Retail Park to the car park near Costa in the Meadows (as I was carrying a shedload of shopping - it wasn’t just laziness!) and what would have been a ten minute walk at the most took almost 25 minutes due to the appalling traffic that builds up on Springfield Road on a weekend.

Read more: Costa joins another recent development in Chelmsford.

A Costa store on the retail park will never be packed morning, noon and night but I confidently predict that it will get busy quite often and be yet another success for the coffee shop chain in the city.

I asked Costa for some more information and a Costa spokesman kindly told me:

“Costa, the nation’s favourite coffee shop brand are pleased to announce that we are opening a brand new store on Riverside Retail Park, Chelmsford in mid-December, bringing 8-10 new jobs to the local area. As with all of our new store openings we will do all that we can to integrate ourselves with the local community, getting involved with events; providing the store as a meeting place and helping with fundraising.”

Hopefully they will have something exciting planned for opening day.  I gladly and freely put myself forward as Chief Coffee Taster for the day!

With Tesco having now bought Harris and Hoole, it’s unlikely that we will see the Springfield Road Tesco get an instore Costa, and we could well see the two Tesco instore shops mentioned above replaced in due course by Harris and Hoole.

Until then, I respectfully suggest that we replace the old town signs to read:

City of Chelmsford. Birthplace of Radio. Sponsored by Costa Coffee.

Chelmsford sign header

Welcome to Chelmsford! Image taken from


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