Redefining the dictionary - Words starting “Epi”

by DannyUK

Attending our local pub quiz recently, there was a section of ten questions whose answers all began with the letters “epi”.


Considering I can barely think of ten words that start with those letters, we did well. It got me thinking of new definitions, though:

  • Epilogue: The first poo of the morning after a curry the night before.
  • Epic hunt - Piers Morgan.
Piers Morgan - Epic Hunt

Piers Morgan - Epic Hunt (picture taken from

  • Epididymis - An online video of P Diddy taking - and missing - a shot at basketball.
  • Epilation - The ecstatic feeling of getting smooth legs.
  • Epimorphic - Being the best, most epic character made of clay. Ever.
Redefining the dictionary - Morph. Taken from an article by

Morph! (taken from Wikipedia)

  • Episperm - The out-of-fashion hairdo belonging to you Greek friend, Epi.
  • Epitaph - A summary statement of a Welshman.


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