Bernard Matthews Bootiful food!

by DannyUK

Turkey makes quick and easy dinners that kids love. Thanks to Bernard Matthews, it gets easier still!


I was recently tasked with getting in some Bernard Matthews food for the family. Although I’ve always been a fan of their Mini Kievs, my memory of breaded turkey as a kid was something dry and tasteless, and as such I’ve always avoided it.

However, always up for a challenge, I embraced the idea of cooking a meal based around the Bernard Matthews bootiful range. To make it more interesting, rather than doing it just for myself and the four kids, I decided to do it on our recent trip to Liverpool.

I was given £15 to spend. Would that be enough to make food to fill the bellies of two hungry adults and six kids?

With a promise that the range would provide great meal options which could be ready in 20 minutes or less, I set to work.

Spending £15 was easy enough, and I came away from Asda with an overflowing basket full of turkey goodies.

Part of the range on offer by Bernard Matthews. We only used four of these to make the meal.

I was surprised that I hadn’t paid much attention to the range before. Alongside the yummy Mini Kievs were Dinosaurs, Numbers and Golden Drummers. I guess that my aversion to dry turkey had simply caused me to skip past these in the freezer aisle before.

Getting home, I began preparing dinner. The table was set, disagreements were had about who was sitting where. Instructions were given by the children that my girlfriend and I weren’t allowed to kiss. All in all, it was a pretty standard dinner so far.


Rather than offer up the choice of what should be cooked to the kids, which experience tells me only ends in arguments, I decided to cook some of everything.

The oven was pretty much full to the brim by the time I’d opened and emptied one packet of everything, so what was left was put away in the freezer with promises to the little ones that they could have more later if they were still hungry.

Less than twenty minutes later and I was plating up for everyone. We made sure there was an even split of everything for everyone, dished out the vegetables and potatoes as side dishes, and asked if anyone wanted anythig else. Apparently not, as they all started on their dinner while I reflected on the fact that the food looked very dry and wondered if I should have made some baked beans to go with it all.

It looked a little dry, but it was gorgeously moist and delicious!

I sat down to eat and happily munched my way through the lot. My fears about the dryness of the food were firmly put on the back burner as everything was tasty and moist. Even the thinner breaded turkey dinosaurs, which I felt sure would end up hard and crispy (much like a real dinosaur) proved to be soft and delicious.

Looking back to my own childhood I now realise that whatever it was that I was having made for me was completely overcooked, hence the poor result. I’m not brave enough to confront my elderly mum about it though!

Just about everyone finished what was in front of them, and though there was a little bit of food-swapping going on (my eldest admitted before we even began that she loved Mini Kievs, and she was happy to swap anything for more), everything got finished.

I spent the entire meal trying to think up a decent dinosaur / number joke, but the closest I got was “Dinosaurs became extinct because of numbers. After all, seven ate nine.” which doesn’t really make sense, and got very little reaction when I said it out loud.


Bernard Matthews - table set - portrait

I tried to capture a photo before all of the food had been eaten. Note my still full plate! Apologies about eldest daughter poking her tongue out, cheeky moo.

Overall the entire meal was easy to prepare, quick to cook and well received by the family. Personally I would happily eat any of the range again, and the kids seemed to think the same.

Given that we had 8 mouths to feed, we only used about £8 worth of the Bernard Matthew range (with each packet costing £2) and had plenty left over in the freezer.

As I write this I am kicking myself as Tesco have the entire range on offer at “Any two for £3” until February 2015, so it could have been an even cheaper meal than it was!


I’m working with BritMums and Bernard Matthews on this project, and have been compensated for my time. All opinions and editorial are my own. Full disclosure policy below.

You can visit Bernar Matthews at their official website

Disclosure Policy

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