Will we see WWE Network on Sky in the UK?

by DannyUK

The WWE has - once again - gone very quiet with regards to the launch of the WWE Network in the UK. After promising last month that an announcement would be made by 1st November, there don’t even seem to be any rumours about the impending launch.


Not only that, but with today’s spectacular news that the Network is free for a month in Novemeber, the cynical part of me wonders if a) that is down to the poor revelation of subscriptions to the Network earlier today (700,000 - well short of the rumoured 950,000 needed to be the initial aim at this stage) and b) whether it pre-empts yet another wait for UK-based fans wanting to get the Network for themselves.

It’s still unclear as to why the launch has been delayed over here, but I suspect that we will see the WWE Network on Sky, rather than launching it solely online.

This model seems to have worked well in Canada, and given the good working relationship between the two media giants which stretches back over 25 years it’s a logical assumption to make.

All in all, I’m just one of thousands of impatient fans wanting their fix, so the sooner the announcement is made, the sooner I will be handing over my hard-earned cash to Mr McMahon and co!


Read why I WON’T be subscribing to the WWE Network in the UK.

The free month announcement via Vincent Kennedy McMahon himself:


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