Have you seen HaveYouSeen.com

by DannyUK

Have you seen HaveYouSeen.com - Recommend a product and earn money via social shopping.


Social shopping. It’s an odd phrase and a fairly nondescript one. It means “An easy way to earn money by recommending products to others.”

At least, it does in the case of HaveYouSeen.com

“There’s a brand new must-have for the smart online shopper.” Greg Page, the company CMO says. “A new community-driven, social shopping platform has launched that, for the first time, allows customers to not only shop and add great products, but also get rewarded for sharing with others.”

It’s an interesting idea in premise, and when I was invited along to the website launch in September, I went along to be nosey and see what the general feel was.

I’d already signed up to HaveYouSeen.com a few weeks before, having received an email about it which piqued my interest. I doubt I am their target audience in terms of bloggers, as I don’t actively recommend products to readers like a fashion blogger, for example, may do.

I am, however, ideal for the company as a consumer. I happily order everything I can online rather than trudging the shops. Friends ask me to buy items or recommend where to buy items online, and I’m always sending links to various products.


What HaveYouSeen.com offers is a way that I can monetise that.

As a blogger I have things like an Amazon Associates account, so that I can earn a few pennies should I ever use links on my page (and believe me when I say it really can be just pennies!). HaveYouSeen.com is similar though more extensive. The reason? It has several layers of earnings available so that others can recommend YOUR recommendations and you still earn. In fact, it can go as far as six layers deep.

In other words, I can share a link.  If someone buys from that link, I earn money.  However, if they share the link, and someone buys after clicking THAT link, then we BOTH earn money.

Have you seen HaveYouSeen.com

Have You Seen guide for influencers

The official press release states that the company are “looking to completely revolutionise the way we shop online” and it’s true.

The site covers a multitude of products, from fashion and beauty to gadgets, furniture and even holidays, all of which can be linked and shared via the site.

The press release goes on: “The unique brilliance of haveyouseen is that members will be rewarded in cash when their friends or connections buy something on the back of their recommendation. This is because brands and merchants are willing to reward their advocates.”

There are over 3,000 big-name retailers linked to the site, with more joining every day. What’s more, HaveYouSeen is free to join.

Charities can also profit as HaveYouSeen has created the opportunity for members to donate some or all of their earnings to a charity of their choice, should they choose to.

So, does it work?  In theory, it’s an amazing idea and a chance to earn extra cash.

I have used the site for a couple of months now, and even though I am not actively pushing products via the site, I have sent out a few tweets and included a few links on the blog - nothing over and above what I would normally do.

To date, I have earnt a couple of quid.  It’s not huge amounts by any standard, but it is proof of concept and it goes to show that if approached correctly, the site could earn a decent amount for some people.

“Shopping with friends has never been so rewarding.” is how the press release finishes.  How true that is.

You can visit an example of one of my links here.


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