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Being on the road more means that I now take far more notice of cheap fuel and thus finding cheaper petrol prices.


Whereas historically it was always nice to save a penny or two per litre, the truth was that it made little difference in the greater scheme of things as I was filling up once a month or so.

These days I find that I am filling my car every few days. As a result, the difference in finding cheap petrol prices against the most expensive petrol prices can be up to £10 per week.

Fortunately, as a long time user of the Waze app, I know that it has a fuel price locator.

Waze is primarily a sat nav app which is free to download and use.  I use it as my main form of navigation in the car particularly because it updates routes based on traffic build up, and also allows me to update the app if I run into traffic or other bits and pieces while I’m on the road.

Because Waze is updated by those who use the app, there is no vested interest in the information being incorrect.  As well as getting the best routes, I have started using the Fuel Price Locator option more and more often.

Waze screenshot - Finding cheap fuel - From an article by

Boot up Waze… Click Navigate…

Finding Cheap petrol prices using Waze - Taken from an article by

Towards the bottom left is the option for “Fuel”.

You have the option to either choose fuel prices near your current location, or fuel prices along a set route, and if you choose the latter it informs you how far off of your existing route the petrol station is, which is remarkably handy.

The app lists each petrol station by name, distance from either your starting point or route, and the cost of petrol. It gives an at-a-glance comparison, making it remarkably easy to find cheap petrol prices.

It even shows when the prices were last updated, so you won’t be fooled into going somewhere for cheap petrol when, in fact, they are the same price as everywhere else but haven’t had their prices updated on Waze for months.

For the sake of driving a mile away, I can save 3p per litre. It’s not a huge amount, but it’s certainly a saving. The biggest difference in price I have seen has been 6p, which represented a £3 saving when I filled the tank.

Every penny counts!

Finding Cheaper petrol prices using Waze - Taken from an article by

… and you get presented with a list showing the most recently updated prices.

I’ve also signed up to, which offers a similar service. I can’t say I’m a fan though as it requires signing in and searching whereas Waze doesn’t need a sign in and automatically uses GPS to find where you are.

When I’m looking for cheaper petrol prices, I want to do it as quickly as possible, and that’s why Waze is great.

by DannyUK


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