My Sunday Photo - Gurning

by DannyUK

My lovely friend, Loz, had her birthday during the week. Hitting the ripe old age of 29 and a few months, we decided to all celebrate with a curry and a night out. Naturally, gurning started after a couple of drinks.

I saw gurning. I think of the five of us, I was the only way that came out looking like a hairy gnome whilst the others managed to pull faces that were funny rather than the start of nightmares.

The night out was great fun and went on to prove to me that even at my old age of 36 I can still have a long evening out every once in a while. Stumbling home almost 12 hours after we started drinking is not a common occurrence, and the following day or so were pretty much spent asleep, but it was still worth it.

Oh, and I won the “Stick the tail on the donkey” competition. Truly a great achievement.

Dan gurning and looking like a hairy gnome

Capturing my good side.

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