Throwback Thursday - Tasha & I in fancy dress!

by DannyUK

ThrowBack Thursday aka #TBT - A chance to post up an old photo from years gone by.


This has been doing the rounds on both Twitter and Instagram for years, so I thought I’d join in on the blog.

This is a photo of my best friend and I before we went to a fancy dress party. I only decided to go at the last minute, so my costume consisted of an old shirt that had belonged to her former flatmate, which we then ripped the arms from. I borrowed (and fitted into!) a pair of Tasha’s combat trousers. The insert in my shirt pocket is the hat that went with Tasha’s “Sexy soldier” outfit that she was wearing, and to finish the whole look off, we went outside and smeared the shirt and my arms in mud.

We then went and got spectacularly drunk. My only real memories of the night are posing with a stuffed parrot in many, many photos.

As a friend remarked on seeing the picture recently: “I can’t believe how thin you were!”. Cheeky cow.

Tasha and Dan in fancy dress


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