#TBT - Throwback Thursday linky - Curly hair!

by DannyUK

ThrowBack Thursday aka #TBT - A chance to post up an old photo from years gone by.


This has been doing the rounds on both Twitter and Instagram for years, but it only seems to have been a linky with our American blogging cousins, so I thought I’d introduce a UK version.

If nothing else, it’s a chance to reminisce.

It can be any picture, as long as it’s not a recent one. You can post a story behind it, or just post the photo and be done. Personally, I like posting any photo that makes me laugh from years gone by, and they are normally pictures of me.

Some say it was a mid-life crisis. Others say it was a mistake. Many say it was both. When I turned 30 I started growing my hair - and at times some amazing sideburns - for no other reason than I could.

I don’t think people believed me when I said that my hair was very naturally curly or wavy when it started growing, and this is proof of that.

Today, of course, the hair is short again. This photo shows why!

TBT - Dan with curly hair - Taken from an article on DannyUK.com

Yes, it looks greasy, yes it looks a bit like a perm. These days there’s much less of it too.


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