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Did you know that Honda have their own online magazine?


“Dream Magazine” isn’t just about cars and motorbikes, as you may think. It offers far more than that.

It has articles about adventure travel, high-octane sports and much more. In fact, this month two articles, in particular, caught my eye:

The greatest rally in the world: Dakar

Speaking to Martino Bianchi General Manager of Team HRC (part of Honda’s race division), the article delves into what makes the Dakar Rally such an exciting race.

Having only ever heard of the event, and not really paid much attention to the sport in general or the race itself, I found myself hooked into reading what Bianchi had to say. I didn’t know, for example, that the race took place over 13 days and 9,000km.

It was also intriguing to read that the most important thing for the race is navigation. I’m so used to seeing racing sports such as F1 and cycling on TV, where the routes are clearly marked, that it never struck me that the Dakar Rally would involve such detailed planning, course revision and navigation.

Furthermore, I wasn’t aware that the Dakar Rally was host to different types of vehicle, including trucks, motorbikes and bespoke buggies!

I was also shocked to learn that just 48% of competitors completed the race last year, which really drives home what an intense affair it is.

Dakar Rally, helicopter, car, dust, dirt

The Dakar Rally in full flow - photo courtesy of DreamMagazine.co.uk

Six small things that changed the world.

I like lists, especially lists that have information about things.

Thanks to the forthcoming launch of the new Honda Jazz (which is a small city car), the inspiration for this article is clear: Small is good!

The list is fairly eclectic, covering technology, toys and food. I won’t spoil it by telling you what is on the list, other than you’ll have heard of all of them, but you may not know some of the facts that go with them.

Dream Magazine is not full of over-the-top Honda-name-dropping articles. Although everything ties in to Honda in some way, it is done with subtlety and that makes for a far more enjoyable read.

Limited to just a handful or articles each month, it’s easy enough to read pretty much everything in an issue fairly quickly, and the article lengths ensure that you are getting information that is well-written without being overly long.

There’s even free-to-enter competitions such as this month where you can win a luxury spa break at Ragdale Hall by simply putting in your details.

Dream Magazine is a free online magazine that can be accessed at dreammagazine.co.uk. It is brought to you by Honda and is updated monthly.


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