Annoyed and frustrated

by DannyUK

It’s strange the way the human body and mind can react to things.


To say that life has been going well recently would be an understatement, yet a little knock has sent my confidence spinning.

Starting a new job in August seemed to kick-start my year. For the first time in about 18 months I am genuinely enjoying work and look forward to each and every day.

I am in a stable, long-term relationship with a woman who I genuinely believe I will be with for the rest of my life, so my love life couldn’t be happier.

My kids are growing up fast and seem to be - on the whole - well-adjusted, polite and respectful kids that I am proud of.

I still have worries and concerns that lurk in the background, as I’m sure we all do, but there is nothing there that I feel is unconquerable.

Yet I write this at 3 pm on a weekday feeling like I could just write the week off.

An argument with my OAP mum last night on the phone seems to have weighed on my subconscious. Even though we spoke later in fairly decent terms and without arguing, her constant wont to relive the past drives me insane.

I went out with friends last night and had a great night doing nothing much. Three of us had a Chinese buffet then gatecrashed Pizza Hut to get dessert (did you even know that was possible?!) We sat around chatting rubbish and generally having a giggle.

I woke this morning feeling annoyed. I had to wait in for a pre-1pm delivery which naturally turned up at 12.45pm I then jumped in the car and travelled 40 miles up the road to see a customer, only to get there and be told that she needed to rebook.

Two minutes later I received an email that was either badly worded or genuinely was having a pop at me, albeit it passive-aggressively.

Normally I’d be able to fend off any crap like this, even when the little stuff all mounts up and appears at once. Right now though, I’m annoyed and frustrated.

Rant over!


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