Plug sockets with USB built in

by DannyUK

I was playing around on the other day and stumbled across these plug sockets.


As far as I am concerned, these should be an industry standard! Plug sockets with built in USB ports? Yes please!

Wall socket with built in USB charging points

I’me giving serious thought to replacing my plug sockets at home with these.

With four kids, each with their own technology, there is always a fight to find a spare charging plug for a phone, tablet or iPod in the house. These would negate the need for that!

It never occurred to me that plug sockets with USB built in would exist, but they make perfect sense!

In case you’re wondering, they are only £9.99 each (click through the “Buy now” button to get the cheaper price!). Bargain.

Also available from Amazon: USB double socket 13A with twin USB outlets 2Amp


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