My Sunday Photo - Sam Callahan meets my daughter

by DannyUK

X Factor finalist Sam Callaham meets my daughter. I suppose strictly speaking the title should be “My daughter meets Sam Callahan”, but I prefer my version.

After all, I know who my daughter is… (she’s going to hate me for saying that!)

During the week, my 13-year-old tweeted the photo below saying that she’d bumped into Sam Callahan in Chelmsford High Street after school.

The name rang a bell, and I thought at first that he was one of the YouTubers that my kids seem to love so much. A quick text exchange with the eldest daughter revealed that he was, in fact, a finalist in X Factor last year, which explains why I recognised the name but wouldn’t have been able to pick him out of a lineup.

I love this picture, though. My daughter looks absolutely over the moon (though it could be that she has merely inherited her mum’s ability to smile well on camera), and Sam looks moderately happy too, even though he’s just been inked.

My Sunday Photo - Sam-Callahan meets my eldest daughter

I don’t think I’ve ever been photographed with anyone famous, nor would I choose to be. I seem to have a natural ability to avoid cameras at the best of times!

The bar has been set now, and in the future I look forward to all four of my kids competing to see who can be photographed with the most famous person.

For my 13-year-old who will probably be reading this: I think you and I need to have some words about the length (or lack of) of your skirt!

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