Morning Win! Small victories make the morning better. (and why are they called breakfast biscuits?)

by DannyUK

As a parent, I’m well accustomed to taking small wins where I can get them.


Whether it is a night of only partially-broken sleep with a newborn, or getting to 9 am without an argument with a teen.

One thing I can’t deny is that as the kids get older, the problems change. I still have a 13-year-old who wakes up ridiculously early, though my 12-year-old chooses to sleep in late. Should the two cross paths at all (especially if the eldest wakes her sister) then all Hell can break loose.

In recent months we seem to have reached a solution. Believe it or not, it’s not my suggestion, but it is one that I embrace fully. We go to Costa.

My eldest - normally in frustration at being the only one awake for so long - announces that we are all going to Costa in town, and that anyone who wants to go needs to be up, washed and dressed by 9 am.

She knows that this will spur her youngest sister and brother (aged 10 and 8 respectively) up and out of bed in order that they can go to town and possibly get a Creamy Cooler.

She also knows that the 12-year-old will most likely grunt, fart, turn over and go back to sleep. Seeing as she is old enough to stay home alone now, I can leave her enjoying a lay in while I take the others out.

Having kids who are approaching their teens can be great for this reason alone!

Of course, the other side of having kids that are no longer babies or toddlers is that when I’m lucky to get sent some free samples in the post, I have to remember to either hide them or be prepared to lose them to the kids.

That’s precisely what happened with the three boxes of belVita Breakfast Crunchy biscuits that were sent. The Choc Chip ones were my favourite, but most of those were snaffled up by the kids. I got to sample some of the Hazelnut ones too, but they suffered the same fate, and I didn’t even get a look in with the Apricot ones.

I did ask myself “Why are they called breakfast biscuits?”, and if you’re also wondering why, it’s because they are proven to slowly release carbohydrates over four hours. The things you learn when eating biscuits, huh?

Back to my morning win: Thank you, eldest daughter, for insisting we go into town.

You know I love Costa, you know that your sister will stay in bed, which automatically means you’re not together to bicker with each other, and you know it will motivate your youngest two siblings to get washed and dressed.

All of this saves me a massive load of hassle! Win!


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