Nappy Head

by DannyUK

ThrowBack Thursday aka #TBT - A chance to post up an old photo from years gone by. I’ve chosen “Nappy head” this week.


This has been doing the rounds on both Twitter and Instagram for years, but it only seems to have been a linky with our American blogging cousins, so I thought I’d introduce a UK version.

If nothing else, it’s a chance to reminisce.

It can be any picture, as long as it’s not a recent one. You can post a story behind it, or just post the photo and be done. Personally, I like posting any photo that makes me laugh from years gone by, and they are normally pictures of me.

My son, who is now 8 years old, is not going to forgive me for this. This is him, at a very young age, complete with (clean) nappy on his head.

I’m not sure where the tradition for this photo started, but I’m pretty sure that all four kids have adopted this pose throughout their toddler years. If nothing else, he enjoyed it at the time!

TBT - My son as Nappy Head - from an article by

All of the DannyUK children have been subjected to this pose at some stage. This is my son in the last of those photos, given that he is the youngest.


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