A joke about pizza

by DannyUK

“Do you want to hear a joke about pizza?” asked my 8 year old. I was driving at the time, and two of his sisters were in the car too, so he had a captive audience.


“Go on then!” I replied excitedly, waiting for the punchline.

“I would tell you,” he grinned, “but you’d probably find it too peppery!”

He laughed as he finished his own joke and looked around the car for a response, but the only thing he heard was a collective “huh?” from everyone else.

I was mentally running the punchline through my head to try and figure out what he’d said and how I’d missed the funny bit. Glancing over at my 10 year old, I could see by the look of confusion on her face that she was doing the same.

Suddenly I heard my 13 year old sigh heavily.

“Cheesy, dude…” she said to her brother, “it’ll be too cheesy…”


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