My Sunday Photo - M&M Cheesecake

by DannyUK

A rare night out with my best friend took place this week, and keen to save pennies we opted for a restaurant offering a special.

Steak night at The Wine Cellar in Chelmsford is always a good-priced and enjoyable meal, and this was no different.

It wasn’t the steak that was photo-worthy though. In fact, the steak was so good, and I was so hungry that the only Instagramming that was done of the main meal was when it was finished and I had to do something to stop myself from licking the damn plate clean.

Dessert soon followed, and I’d have been a fool not to choose the M&M Cheesecake, which is something I’ve never seen before. Served with a Nutella-based sauce and cream I was amazed that it lasted long enough for me to snap a (slightly blurry) picture.

In case you wondered, it was absolutely gorgeous.

My Sunday Photo - M&M Cheesecake

M&M Cheesecake, as devoured at The Wine Cellar in Chelmsford.

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