WWE Network to launch in UK in November… maybe!

by DannyUK

The WWE announced on Raw last night that the WWE Network launch for the UK has been put back to 1st November. The official WWE Network Twitter account phrased it slightly differently though:


WWE Network UK launch announcement for November


Quite what “discussions with potential partners” means is open to anyone’s guess. Hopefully it will be something along the lines of a longer free trial if you are a Sky Sports subscriber or a partnership with someone like Netflix who have proven capability at delivering on-demand video contact in the UK.

Alternatively it could be the news that everyone is dreading, and that the WWE are trying to tie the WWE Network in the UK directly to Sky in some way.

Either way, it’s frustrating for fans to have to wait even longer. As I said yesterday, the 1st October launch date had been very quiet, so it’s not a surprise that it has been put back.


It still seems odd to me that they haven’t nailed down something for their second biggest market outside of North America. The longer WWE take to get things resolved for the Network in the UK, the more fans are likely to turn to using Hola or ZenMate to sign up for the American service which looks likely to be slightly cheaper than the UK price anyway.

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In order to try and make up for the disappointing news, have another picture of WWE Diva Paige:

WWE UK wrestlers - Bad News Barrett and Paige

WWE UK wrestlers - Bad News Barrett and Paige


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