WWE Network UK launch

by DannyUK

WWE announced a few months ago that it planned to launch its own network service across the world. After launching just before Wrestlemania this year in the USA, the worldwide launch was always rumoured to take place in the following twelve months.


For some reason, however, the UK was not on the list of countries for the massive worldwide launch in the run up to Summerslam. Although the WWE declared that the UK launch would follow in October, the reasons - and more importantly the price - wasn’t revealed.

This led to many rumours, mainly that the WWE were planning to tie in with Sky in the UK. Nobody seemed quite so keen as to speculate how that particular partnership would work, but given the WWE’s long-standing working relationship with the UK broadcaster, it’s easy to see why several people put two and two together.

WWE UK wrestlers - Bad News Barrett and Paige

WWE UK wrestlers - Bad News Barrett and Paige

Fortunately, recent leaks seem to indicate that the WWE Network will launch in the UK on 1st October for £39.99 for a six-month subscription (or around £6.66 per month) and without any tie-in to Sky. In case you at wondering, given the current exchange rate it means that UK subscribers will pay slightly more than American subscribers for the same service.

This seems to be an excellent price if you are a wrestling fan (or should that be a Sports Entertainment fan) and a must have for any WWE lover.


It seems strange, however, that the UK launch comes with such minimal fanfare. I can’t recall stumbling across any media, adverts or pricing for the Network here other than the items I have specifically gone looking for. Even the official WWE UK twitter feed has failed to mention the launch.

I contacted the WWE UK press team a few weeks ago to try and find out some more information but have had no response.

Hopefully, there will be more details on the UK launch this Monday on Raw. Perhaps the WWE may even consider swapping the dull-for-foreign-fans Rusev vs Henry / Russia vs USA angle for some much-needed news.

Stranger things have happened.


Click HERE for up-to-date news on the WWE Network in the UK.


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