My Sunday Photo - Balloons

by DannyUK

Chelmsford plays host to a spectacle called Street Diversions once a year. This weekend I ventured into the city centre to have a look.

Street Diversions is a collection of weird, wonderful and wacky street performers. Some are entertaining, many are weird, but pretty much all of them are worth seeing.

Yet this year it seemed a rather subdued affair.

Rather than putting up a photo of the fire-breathers, or the group of bearded men dressed vaguely as Sergeant Pepper-era Beatles, playing brass instruments and drums, I decided to go with the picture of balloons.

As crowds milled round, oohing and ahhing at the various performers, and as people moved about the High Street that the freedom of not hosting a weekend market for once gave them, there stood a man with balloons. A man who is invariably there week in, week out. A man ignoring the strangeness of the day. A man simply going about his normal business.

My Sunday Photo - Balloons amongst the madness

Balloons amongst the madness

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