A plea to Essex County Council - parking in Wharf Road

by DannyUK

Apologies to any non-Chelmsfordians reading this, but having emailed the local council I thought it was worth putting here too. There are several car parks in Chelmsford City Centre, and one of the main ones is the one which you enter by Argos at the Springfield Road / High Bridge Road junction (opposite Tesco).


Although it’s a privately run car park, it is used by lots of shoppers who visit the city because it backs onto the secondary section of shops that make up the Meadows such as Mothercare and Argos, and is only a couple of minutes walk away from the main Meadows Shopping Centre and the rest of the city centre.

The affected area. Apologies for the appalling map. My graphic skills are on show, once again.

Despite having an entrance on Springfield Road, the only exit is on Wharf Road - a small back street which leads onto Navigation Road and then back to Springfield Road. During the week there is no problem, but on Sundays it’s a pain in the backside to get in or out of the road due to the sheer volume of people choosing to park for free on the yellow lines which are only in force from Monday to Saturday.

I think new parking restrictions are needed in Wharf Road.

Although I have no issue with people wanting to park for free (and let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you park for free if you could?), it causes problems as with cars parked the length of the road (from the Meadows car park exit all the way up to Navigation Road) it restricts the road to approximately one lane wide instead of the natural width which allows for two cars to pass in opposite directions without problem.

This in turn causes problems and delays for those either trying to enter the road via Navigation Road, or for the vast quantities of people leaving both the Meadows car park or the multi storey car park in Wharf Road because there is nowhere for cars to be able to pass each other easily.

The problems getting in and out of Wharf Road are compounded by the bizarre decision to not repaint the “Keep Clear” paint on the road when redoing the rest of the white lines recently.

Plenty of room on a weekday for everyone to get in and out - though ironically the car park is far less busy. The same scene on a Sunday

Quite often traffic turning from Navigation Road into Springfield Road is caused to stop to allow cars through the single lane, meaning a knock on effect to vehicles coming up and down Navigation Road.

I believe that this change would be whole heartedly supported not only by local residents who have trouble entering the road on a Sunday, but also by those who use both car parks in the road and struggle to get out of the road easily.

I’ve put my request in writing to Essex County Council and am awaiting a response. I can’t be the only Chelmsfordian that is fed up with navigating this traffic on a weekly basis, can I?


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