Kylie Kiss Me Once tour

by DannyUK

The Aussie singer was back with a bang on Wednesday as Kylie rocked the Liverpool Echo Arena on the opening night of her world tour.


Powering through a set list that included her greatest hits, as well as a superb cover of INXS’s Need You Tonight in what all of the papers are referring as a tribute to former lover Michael Hutchence.

Limiting herself to a mere (!) seven (or was it eight?) costume changes, the Queen of Pop strutted her stuff majestically around the stage. According to reports, this is the first time she has appeared in Liverpool since 1989, which seems a massive gap. With the Echo Arena being built in 2008, I would guess that this represents the first time Kylie has had the opportunity to appear at a state of the art venue with a decent capacity in the city for several years.

In fact, her appearance marked the 500th performance at the arena.

Kylie Kiss me Once tour - performing on 24th September 2014 at the Liverpool Echo Arena. Taken from an article by Picture by David Munn. Taken with thanks from

Kylie - performing on 24th September 2014 at the Liverpool Echo Arena. Picture by David Munn. Taken with thanks from

Without wanting to overstate the obvious, the concert was superb. It must be difficult to control the stage and an audience of this size when you’re a solo singer, but with dancers and a spectacular light show there was no doubt that Kylie pulled it off with relative ease.

Starting with a video package before the singer herself appeared on stage, there was always something going on to capture the imagination and keep you interested. Even when off-stage for costume changes, the star of the show was barely missed thanks to dancers staying on, or further videos on the giant screens behind and either side of the main stage.

Despite a mid-show argument between fans in the row in front of us, caused by overdrinking and dancing in the seats, the girlfriend and I had a great time. It probably goes without saying that my favourite parts were the early hits which took me back to my junior school attending age where I had her original album on tape. It may be cheesy but hits like I Should Be So Lucky and Never Too Late never grow old for me.

If it wasn’t enough to witness an artist at her best, Kylie pulled a PR masterstroke by inviting superfan Paul St German up on stage. Revealing to the audience that she had met him recently and she had signed his Kylie tattoo (told you he was a superfan, didn’t I?!), he revealed to the singer that he had then gone and had the signature tattooed in place already.

She then asked if he had any requests (and he missed the chance to ask her to marry him, in my opinion), and he asked for Especially For You which then set up a mini duet between the singer, who remembered most of the words, and the superfan who was visibly trembling with excitement.

Finishing with All The Lovers, the singer waved goodbye before appearing a few minutes later for a one song encore.

You can click here to hear some of the new Kylie songs that appeared on the video screen, namely: “Glow”, “Wait”, “Break This Heartbreak” and “Chasing Ghosts”

With a few dates in England before taking the tour to Europe, you can see her in action in Manchester, London, Cardiff, Nottingham and Birmingham. Some tickets are still available.


Kiss Me Once tour setlist (taken from as my memory is appalling!)

First Kiss:

Les Sex
In My Arms
Sexy Love

Secret Kiss:

Step Back in Time
Spinning Around
Your Disco Needs You
On a Night Like This

Dizzy Kiss:

Enjoy Yourself
Hand on Your Heart
Never Too Late
Got to Be Certain
I Should Be So Lucky

Lick Kiss:

Need You Tonight
Can’t Get You Out of My Head
Kiss Me Once

Aussie Kiss:

Get Outta My Way
Love at First Sight
Especially for You
All the Lovers


Into the Blue


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