I should be so lucky

by DannyUK

As many people know, my girlfriend lives 200 miles away in Liverpool. I often write about travelling up and down the country to see her.


Last night I was once again driving from Essex to Liverpool to see the love of my life and someone I’ve fancied since I laid eyes on her.

That’s right, Kylie Minogue is playing the Liverpool Echo Arena tonight, and I’m taking my other half to see her. You’d be surprised how well she has taken the various jokes about seeing the one I love before then casually mentioning “oh, and you too, of course, darling!”. I think even I would have slapped me by now.

I should be so lucky record cover - Taken from an article by DannyUK.com

You can keep your Madonnas, the 80s was all about Kylie for me.

It’s the first time I’ve managed to see Kylie in concert and comes hot on the heels of the last concert I went to which was George Michael in 2007. It’s facts like these that back up my claim that I am perhaps the gayest straight person out there.

Although strictly speaking the tickets are a gift for her birthday, I’ve no doubt that my girlfriend knew just how much I would enjoy the show too. It’s the first time I’ve ever had so much in common with a long-term partner, and it is a great feeling.

The drive up was - for once - fairly decent, even if I did somehow miss the turning for the M1 and subsequently drove up the M40 which seemed much quieter than the M1 normally is. That’s what happens when you’re busy warbling along to the radio and not paying attention to the sat nav.

Or maybe I was just overly excited about the trip up. Either way, I can’t wait for tonight.


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